A Strange Guest in an Ant’s Nest
A Children's Nature Picture Book, a Fun Ant Story That Kids Will Love, Educational Science (Insect) Series

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This picture book will delight children between the ages of 5 to 9. It is told in a unique story format from the perspective of Amber, a meadow ant. Children will learn some fascinating facts and behaviors of this type of ant, as the story unfolds.

Amber has recently emerged from her cocoon and is amazed at her surroundings. She quickly learns how to help with various duties. She carries eggs to warm and dry locations within the nest and helps to feed growing larvae.

One day she needs to leave her nest to bring back food - the consequence of an ant battle. Most of her trips to and from the nest are uneventful. But one of them is different. She encounters a large and different creature that frightens her. Amber fills the air with alarm scents to call for help from other workers. But when they arrive, they don't attack. Instead, they do something strange - they transport this odd creature into their nest.

This picture book illustrates how insects that are very different from one another can live together in harmony. Their peaceful co-existence benefits both species. Kids can draw on their example. This story will encourage children to embrace the differences of others. It will help kids to understand that people of other cultures, religions and races enrich our lives in many ways. Without them, we would never have the opportunity to experience their delicious foods, unique music and art, or their interesting ideas.

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